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About the Girls School

The Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion Girls School provides a high-level limudei kodesh and general studies education for girls in grades Pre-1A through 8, offering enrichment and remediation as needed, so that each girl can achieve at her own level. Students master Hebrew language in order to study primary Jewish texts, and benefit from special in-school and optional after-school activities that enrich a full day of learning.

The school places principle emphasis on preparing the girls to succeed in contemporary society without compromising their Torah values. Teachers focus on their students’ ethical and moral development, instilling in them self-respect and integrity, as well as a commitment to academic excellence. The girls graduate from YST uniquely ready for high school, but also deeply invested in their Torah obligations, their connection to Am Yisroel, and their personal imperative to perform acts of chesed.

Mrs. Cyrel Brudny, Principal

Mrs. Cyrel Brudny, the force behind the establishment of the Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion school system, was its first principal at large. She has served as principal of the Girls School since it opened its doors in September 1991. A graduate of the Beth Jacob Teachers Institute of Jerusalem, she began her career as a high school math teacher and still relishes every opportunity to connect with her students through mathematics.  She has presented at the Torah Umesorah Aish Dos Educational Leadership Fellowship for Principals of Yeshiva Day Schools and has mentored new principals through Yeshiva University’s School Partnership. An avid reader of educational materials in particular, she is motivated to venture in new directions that keep the Girls School energized, both in its Judaic and secular studies curricula and its panoply of extracurricular activities and school-wide programs.  With unique devotion, Mrs. Brudny dedicates herself to the success of each of her students, readying them for the next level of their academic careers while enriching them personally and spiritually.